Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Twin Bridges Marina located?

We are located next to the Highway 20 bridge at the north end of the Swinomish Channel about 5 miles north of the scenic town of LaConner. Highway 20 connects to I-5 from Mount Vernon/Burlington and runs to Anacortes, Whidbey Island and the San Juan ferry. Driving time from Seattle is approximately seventy minutes.

How are boats launched and retrieved?

All of our customer’s boats are stored in a climate controlled building on adjustable racks and are launched and retrieved with a custom forklift capable of handling most boats up to 35 feet.

How much notice do I have to give to have my boat launched?

We can usually launch a boat in about 5 minutes. We recommend our customers call us when they are within 30 minutes drive time from the marina.

What are the benefits of indoor heated boat storage?

There are many benefits, including the following:

  • Minimize salt water exposure. Most boats in wet moorage remain unused 95% of the time. Salt water attacks engines, outdrives, and boat bottoms with a vengeance leading to costly repairs and maintenance.
  • Less water, mildew, and UV ray damage. Boat owners with boats in wet moorage must be vigilant in inspecting their boats to ensure against leaks and mildewing, which damages upholstery and carpeting.
  • Stop worrying, go boating! Boat owners know all too well the countless things that can happen to their boats while sitting in wet moorage: batteries die, bilge pumps fail to operate, lines break, boats get stolen or burglarized, engine blocks freeze and crack, etc. It is not uncommon for boaters to spend an hour or two just cleaning and repairing their boat before taking it out for the day.
  • Higher resale value. Boats stored in dry storage have a significantly higher resale value because of the reduced wear and tear.
  • Sell the truck and trailer. If you are buying a new boat and want to boat in the San Juan Islands, why buy a truck and pay up to $10,000 for a new trailer? Save your money and keep your boat at Twin Bridges Marina instead. Or, if you want to keep your trailer, we can store it for you at Twin Bridges Marina where we offer slinging services to take your boat on and off your trailer.

What else does Twin Bridges Marina offer?

  • Full service fueling. Call ahead during the week and your boat will be fueled for you prior to your use, saving you precious time at the weekend fuel dock.
  • On-site repair and maintenance provided by Granite Boatworks
  • Perks. Lots of perks. The all-inclusive monthly rent includes unlimited boat launching, free parking, building and lot security, use of wash stands and electrical power, and overnight moorage on our 800 feet of dock area . Engine flushing, and detailing services are available upon request (fees apply).

What are the rental rates?

See pricing page for rental rate details